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Welcome to Round 2 of my 5 series Theoretical Thursday posts about the 5 senses!

Last week was about the eyes, so this week we are going to think about the ears.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could have one of these hearing abilities (you can control them), would you choose a) being able to hear all frequencies, b) able to increase of decrease the volume of any noise, or c) be able to pinpoint any human conversation, no matter the distance?



Hello everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long, but I’ve been working so hard!! Between editing and getting things ready for COILED VENGEANCE, I’ve been wiped out, but in a good way!

I’ll have some news soon regarding an amazing ILLUSION sale and COILED VENGEANCE news so stayed tuned!

Until then, here is the Theoretical Thursday. Enjoy!!

I’ll be doing a 5-part Theoretical Thursday, based on the 5 senses.

Since ILLUSION has eyes on its cover, the first TT will be about eyesight.

If you could choose one of the following enhanced eyesight abilities, would you choose a) x-ray vision, b) ability to see ultraviolet and infrared light or c) increase your distance by 2x and your microscopic vision by 20x?


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It’s almost the first day of spring!

For many places, spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, baby animals are being born, and warmer breezes are kissing our faces.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could control one aspect of spring would you choose a) the flowers/plants, b) the weather, or c) animal births?

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