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How about a fun Theoretical Thursday??

If you could guest star on any current TV show, which would it be?


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Everyone wears clothes. Well, maybe not nudists, lol!

Some people love wearing clothes, shopping, picking out outfits, etc. And some people hate doing all those things or just hate clothes all together.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

Would you rather have a) an endless amount of clothes to choose from, b) someone to pick all your outfits for you so you don’t have to worry about it, or c) when you wear clothing it never feels like you have clothes on.

Can’t wait to hear what you choose!

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As spring approaches, it made me think about gardening. I’ve never been too successful at it, but always loved the idea.

So my Theoretical Thursday is this:

If you could be successful with gardening for FOUR plants, which area would you choose: a) flowers, b) herbs or c) vegetables. (This is just for your personal garden–no giant plots of land to sell these off to others.)

BONUS: Which four plants would you choose?

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