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Straight forward Theoretical Thursday post!

If you HAD to be one or the other, which would you be, a) a vampire or b) a werewolf? 


If you are a vampire: You must drink human blood at least once a day to survive, equivalent to 5 liters. Things that will harm you: Sunlight, decapitation. Bonuses: Super strength (2x-3x your normal strength), immortality (though you can always choose to die if you want), ability to transform into a bat and fly.

If you are a werewolf: You can only transform on the night before, during, and after the full moon. You will keep your sense of self during that time.  Things that will harm you: anything silver. You are also not immortal and will only live until your human life is over. Bonuses: Super strength (2x-3x your normal strength), increased sense of smell and hearing while in human form, ability to run 2x as fast when in wolf form.







Okay… I could not ask for a better week… Seriously… All this hard work… Yesterday my debut novel, ILLUSION, became an Amazon Bestseller… 4 days ago my new novel, IDENTITY, was released… and guess what… IDENTITY HIT BESTSELLER STATUS ON AMAZON TODAY!!

I just can’t believe it. Both of my books are now Amazon Bestsellers. THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased the books or shared about the books or recommended the books or supported me. HOLY FREAKING AWESOME!!

Here are the links to my books if you want to check them out:

As thanks, I’m giving away 2 (two) $5.00 Amazon Gift cards! Just like, comment, and/or share and you’ll be entered to win! If you share, your name will be entered twice! Drawing closes this Sunday, October 16th.

Thanks again everyone!!

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Well, here it is, October 8th, 2016.

And I can’t believe it. I have finished up 2 storylines, that of Daith Tocc in ILLUSION/IDENTITY and that of Thenn in the HOLLOW’S PRISM comic book series.

Wow. WOW!

I am SOOOOO excited for you to read these endings. I absolutely LOVE what happened with both characters. This has truly been a whirlwind experience through many years of work, but it has been totally worth it.

I hope you enjoy!! And please feel free to share these links or to tell others. Word of mouth really helps!

PS- I will be at FallComicon today from 10am to 6pm. Info HERE. And next Saturday, October 15h, I will be at the Twin Cities Book Festival from 10am-6pm. Check it out HERE.


Here is everything you’ll need to know to find out about the books and comics!

Link to ILLUSION and IDENTITY (for ebook and print options): 

Both books are available as ebooks on Amazon WORLDWIDE! Type in EOMIX for the keyword. SPECIAL DEAL!! ILLUSION will be on sale for $0.99 today and tomorrow only!! Download it HERE!

Link to HOLLOW and HOLLOW’S PRISM series (for print options):

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