BAM! moments

One of my favorite moments during writing is when you are stuck on a scene and you think you know how it’s going to go and then BAM! the real way it should be hits you like lightning. I have had some of my best scenes come from those moments–something you didn’t expect brings it together like magic.

This recently occurred in my “Spider’s Truth” novel, which I am happy to say is progressing once again at a steady pace. (For those of you interested, check out my “Detective Fiction” tab to read a summary of the story.) And though I’ve had a few requests that the book be made into either a TV show or a movie, (thank you, Claire and Rush!) I beg you to let me finish writing the actual book first before I delve into the land of screen plays! 🙂  If I ever do head in that direction, I will let all of you know.

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