I have an agent!

That’s right! As of today I am represented by Kate Folkers from Martin Literary Management.

“What does this mean” and “why is it so exciting” you ask?

This means that I now professionally have someone in my corner to help me into the publishing world. It is an agent’s job to help an author find the right publisher and help negotiate the best deal. Plus assist in other areas, including marketing and editing if necessary.

This is exciting because it’s a big step forward for a writer in general and for me personally. Writing can be a very tough and very lonely world. Knowing that someone out there who has read numerous other manuscripts and has faith in mine is a writer’s dream come true.  It’s also a very hard world to navigate on your own. Some people can do it–what with epublishing and self-publishing available. But as for me, I like knowing I have someone to support me who’s already been through what seems like a maze of “how do I go about doing this?”

In short, I am absolutely pleased at this outcome. To everyone who has shown me your support and encouragement along the way, this result would not have happened without you. Thank you.

I will keep you updated as things progress!

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