Research? Really?

Research is essential in the world of the writer. And I don’t just mean checking your facts and making sure everything in your story makes sense. I have spent many an hour looking up all sorts of things to improve my writing and insure a published success.

Research includes all sorts of areas, from information on agents and publishers to best represent your book, to knowing what types of your type of book is out there right now, to finding comparisons, both similar and different, of other books to your own (the most time consuming thing in my opinion), to searching out conferences, workshops, writings groups, book signings, festivals, blogs, and conventions that will help give you more tools, more knowledge, and more drive to continue to write and get your own work out there.

It’s a tedious, demanding, hour-sucking process. But if you absolutely love to write the stories you do and hope that other people will get the same joy from them, then it is completely worth the work. I know that’s how I feel.

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