I HATE when I know how it’s going to end!

As I’ve befriended more writers, I’ve learned that not everyone goes about writing the same way. Some love outlines, some follow themes, some are driven by the characters, others the plot. I always knew that I loved to write stories to find out the end, but I never realized how much I DISLIKE it when I already know how it’s going to turn out.

For some people, they find it extremely difficult to write the way I do–they need some kind of guidance to the next step. It has caused some problems–I’ve written myself into corners more than once–but the excitement of not knowing what is going to happen next keeps me coming back to write more. Because if I don’t write it, I’ll never know how it ends.

This has posed a problem for me on my second novella (part of a trilogy I’m currently working on.) The problem is–I already know what happens.  So the writing has become mundane, more like fill-in-the-blanks than a creative outlet.

I guess the only thing for me to do is find some UNEXPECTED things to crop up inside the already known tale. 🙂

((For those of you curious about these novellas, each one follows a character or side-storyline from one of  my first two novels, Illusion and Revenge. Once I have more written on the novellas, I’ll post a page with some general summaries for you.))


  1. mom

    can’t wait to see the novellas, and the endings that you don’t know yet. so far, your endings have been great, surprising and inspirational without being smarmy. keep up the good work!

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