Supporting Other Writers #2: Reggie Hansome

For those of you looking for a new comic book series to read, look no further! Reggie Hansome is the creator of Saints, a 5 issue series that has just released its 3rd installment. About the plot, Reggie writes “Saints takes place in an alternate future where one man has mysteriously retained international dominance for decades. Anyone who dares to oppose is labeled a terrorist and a young hero named Rey is about to get caught in the balance.”

I’ve already read the first two issues and am waiting to get the third. The storyline is creative, with a real pull toward reading the next issue. Saints is a light read that delves into the deep themes of power and control.  Saints can be found at Hero Universe Comics ( or Indy Planet (

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  1. mom

    i think it’s very generous of you to support other writers. i’m sure they appreciate it and it’s a great way to get the word out on the work of others.

    how about a blog on the best and worst aspects you’ve discovered in being a writer?

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