Help Me Pick My Graphic Novel Cover!

I need your help! I need to decide which cover to use for my graphic novel, Hollow.  Please decide between Cover Number One and Cover Number Two. (If you haven’t already, check out a summary of Hollow under the Graphic Novel tab to help you vote!) [You can click on the images to enlarge them.]

COVER NUMBER ONE                                   COVER NUMBER TWO



  1. Sarah A

    At the risk of stalling views of a perfectly good red tank top towards some future chapter, I cast my vote for #1. It is a striking image that allows me to see what the characters might be fighting against. Definitely like the #2 image for inside the book, but believe there is too much to view there for a front cover.

  2. I really like that cover number two not only introduces the characters, but also draws visual parallels to the Terminator movies. The skulls under the water and the characters hiding from something obviously non-human brought that to mind. So, right away, we get to see who is in this story and a small taste of what’s going on.
    HOWEVER, I really like cover number one. Mostly for its unique perspective angle and the fact that we get to see (but not really) what this creature is. Sure, it may not tell as much as cover number two, but I firmly believe that it’s what on the inside that counts. For instance, if you look at the covers from Marvel’s Civil War crossover, merely half of the cover is actual art. It was definitely unique and a sound stylistic choice, but I think that what people liked so much about Civil War is that the story itself was really captivating.
    Sorry for the rambling.

  3. JJ

    I voted for #1 because it’s not as busy, easier to visualize when small on a screen, more visible when transferring from medium to medium, which you’ll probably want to do once sales start. Good job on both — but #1 does it for me!

  4. mom

    i like #2 not only because of the colors, which i think are great, but i think having the people on it immediately brings in a personal touch of right against wrong. fighting against something worth fighting for, putting themselves on the line for something they believe in.

  5. Claire

    Well… I voted for number one. I like the colors and 3D-ness.

    But I almost picked #2, because the story is more about humans, and that one has humans on it. I just like it less, though. The first one is so elegant.

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