Supporting Other Writers #3: Jessica Therrien

“There are others like her. Many of them. And they have been waiting for her for a long time.”

A new name has burst onto the YA scene this past month. Jessica Therrien has debuted her new novel, Children of the Gods: Oppression, and it has hit the ground running. This paranormal romance follows Elyse as she discovers she is a descendant of the people once thought of as Greek gods. She learns she has the ability to heal–which seems unremarkable compared to some of the other’s capabilities–but a prophesy tells that she is the pivotal point in a change of power for these Descendants.

I met Jessica last year at the Southern California Writers Conference in San Diego. There was already a buzz about her and her writing, and with good reason. I was lucky enough to attend this past February and purchased a copy of her book for myself. Her story is unique, intriguing, and addictive.

One of the things that draws me to books are characters that drive me to support them through their journey–Jessica has done this with her main character, Elyse. I was hooked from the start, following Elyse’s path as she learns about herself and others like her and the tough decisions she has to make. This book is a great read and a wonderful start to the series. I’m excited for the second one to come out.

Great work, Jessica!

Check out Jessica’s blog where you can follow this incredible author and purchase Oppression for yourself at


  1. mom

    i, too, find that characters make or break a book for me. if i don’t get hooked on the character, i find that i don’t care about what happens in the rest of the plot. nice going, jessica, and kudos to you, christa, for boosting another writer. it sure shows integrity and a lack of selfishness.

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