Is the title that important?

Titles to novels are the first thing a reader is introduced to, right? It should contain some kind of indication about what the book is about. But how accurate is that? Some titles have to do with something that comes up during the story. Some titles reflect the overall mood of the book. While others may have double meanings–giving the impression of one thing, but then when you read the book, having it mean something completely different.

The titles to my books are usually short–one to two words max. I like a succinct sum up to one thread through the book. “Illusion” reflects the layers of deception the main character faces, “Revenge” shows the goal of the main character in the story, “Hollow” indicates the pessimistic feel of the rebels, “Spider’s Truth” tells of an unknown  reveal of the villain. But not everyone is a fan of these titles for different reasons.

What are some of your favorite and least favorite book titles and why?