What a fun word.

What a dizzying feeling.

A downfall of doing too many things, having too many projects in your head, keeping track of one too many thoughts. For me, this results in complete scatterbrained syndrome. And it usually takes something drastic for me to figure this out. Today, I completely blanked on a dance rehearsal I had scheduled. I was working on a music project and completely forgot. Scatterbrain city. After several apologies and a brief “stupid me!” stint, I realized it’s probably because I’m doing too much.

What do I want to do? Continue on at the same pace, of course.

What I’m going to do? Refocus, redistribute, and write things down on post-its until I feel less scattered.

It’s difficult for me to know my limits, especially when things are going well. Do you have the same problem? Do you find you do more and more until you crash? Or are you pretty well-paced?



  1. Conrad

    So Yoda says, “Never his mind on where he is, on what he is doing!” That’s me. If I even try to multi-task, disorder will happen, I’ll forget things.
    I daydream very easily. Certainly a great source of creativity, but if I’m not careful I will have painted trees on a wall, when all I meant to do was paint the wall.
    For me, focus is critical. I find myself doing best when I “schedule on the fly,” allocating a fixed amount of time to focus on a task as I start it, instead of just going ’til I can’t. That way, I’ll find out I have too much on my plate when I can’t give what I’m doing the attention it needs. That counts for sleep.
    I agree with the Jedi.

  2. tom k

    Since my retirement, I have reduced my “need to do” pretty much to “want to do”. Yet I still “blank” from time to time, despite two separate calendars to track my appointments. But it is infrequent, and I just try to do a better job next time. As they say, Life Happens!

  3. Anonymous

    i’ve certainnly gotten a lot better at pacing myself, but i still run into the scatterbrain syndrome from time to time. i feel really embarrassed when i do that. at the same time, christa, like you, it gives me a ‘head’s up’ that there’s too much on my plate — or, as it were, running around willy-nilly in my brain. slowing my pace back a bit always helps me, and getting my priorities in order clears some of the smoke.

  4. Yep, you just described me as well. I am always doing more and more and refusing to believe I have limits until I become scatterbrained or eventually undone. Most of the time I just become scatterbrained and find myself thinking “what the heck am I doing” at random moments throughout the day, but eventually adapt to the amount I am doing day to day. And then sometimes I just come unravelled completely, like I did a month ago (oops…).
    But I think there is nothing wrong with being busy and productive, especially when things are going well! I always respect other people who do this too! 🙂

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