What a fun word.

What a dizzying feeling.

A downfall of doing too many things, having too many projects in your head, keeping track of one too many thoughts. For me, this results in complete scatterbrained syndrome. And it usually takes something drastic for me to figure this out. Today, I completely blanked on a dance rehearsal I had scheduled. I was working on a music project and completely forgot. Scatterbrain city. After several apologies and a brief “stupid me!” stint, I realized it’s probably because I’m doing too much.

What do I want to do? Continue on at the same pace, of course.

What I’m going to do? Refocus, redistribute, and write things down on post-its until I feel less scattered.

It’s difficult for me to know my limits, especially when things are going well. Do you have the same problem? Do you find you do more and more until you crash? Or are you pretty well-paced?