The Muse…or whoever…has struck again!

I’m not really sure what drives a fiction writer to write. Is it a character they love that they need to know more about? Is it a place that fascinates them and needs to be shared with others? Or a story that gets stuck in your head like a tune that won’t stop until you write it down?

For me, it’s a scene. I get a glimpse of a character, old or new, and can picture them doing something. I wonder why they are where they are and what will happen to them next. And the only way to find that out is to write it down.

This happened to me this week. I just finished my detective novel, Spider’s Truth, this spring and wondered if there would be any more that happened to the Homicide Department in Boston. According to my writing muse, whoever that happens to be (and thank you for your inspiration!!), a new story is indeed in store. A flash of a scene of a detective in his office struck me and I had to write it down. Once written, I needed to know what happens next.

And so my second detective novel (title to be announced) has begun!

But it did make me curious to know what inspires others to put the words on the page. I’d love to hear what drives you to begin. Character? Location? Storyline? Or like me, a scene that needs to have an end?


  1. Anonymous

    that frisky muse! since i don’t write fiction, i can’t really answer this question with any authenticity or depth. i’ve never been one to make up stories, even when i’ve wanted to. kudos to you for this kind of creativity.

  2. Sometimes a question will inspire me. I’m working on a story that was inspired by the question, if you could go back in your life, to a younger point, would you start doing all the things you used to do but outgrew due to age?

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