“Punch Writing in the Face!”

Oh, yes. This quote was actually told to me by a good writing friend of mine in reference to my complaint that the uphill battle to be a writer was looking particularly steep. (My exact comment about the steepness of the hill has been re-drafted to a more “family-friendly” version.)


I loved it. 🙂

Writing is a tough road–it takes time, creativity, thought, money, (yes, money!), confidence, never-ending patience, imagination, and above all, work. It’s an easily discouraging field, as it’s great to have your stories written, but saved on a flashdrive and not out there for others to enjoy? That can be torture.

So when that hill looks incredibly steep, when all the work seems to bring you nowhere but to another hill, just remember these words from my wonderful friend: “Punch writing in the face!!! Jab with the right, then the left and follow-up with a hook to the chin. Why? You told me this is the career that we’ve chosen, like it or not. We’ve got to take the ups with the downs and if that’s too cliché, well, that’s just the writer I am.”

I guess that’s the writer I am, too. 🙂


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  2. Jenny

    All true! I envy your patience and all the time it takes to create in such a unpredictable career. I love your passion and drive. Still wanting to read your first book. Love you!

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