What now?

That is the question of the week. After a month of sales on my graphic novel, Hollow, (still going strong! Thanks again!!) everyone has asked me what I’m doing now? A sequel? A new comic? A book? Running for presidency?
All valid questions. Currently, I’m back to work on my first novel, Illusion, for some editing fun. I’ve decided to take a different route with it and split it into two books, Illusion and Identity. (New summaries will be listed soon under the Science Fiction tab.) This gives me the chance to take an already great story and elongate it and spread it out, allowing the readers to get into the characters more, without feeling like everything is crammed in for the sake of a smaller word count.

That doesn’t mean that a sequel for Hollow isn’t brewing in my brain…. A lot of it will depend on sales for Hollow, which have been good so far, but I’ll have to wait and see how things fair beyond the first month.

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