Supporting other writers #4: John Hoban

When I attended SpringCon in St. Paul this past spring (2012), it was one of the first times I went with the intent of meeting other authors and illustrators to get information about publishing for my own graphic novel, Hollow. I got to meet some great people and see a lot of talented creators.

One comic in particular stood out to me: Apocalypse City by John Hoban. I’d never bought a comic from someone I didn’t know or hadn’t had recommended to me, so the fact that I was intrigued stuck in my head. Unfortunately, I hadn’t gone there to shop and with all the knowledge I’d received, the thought of buying the issue flew from my head.

Luck would have it that when I attended FallCon this Oct. after the release of Hollow, John was there again! I made sure I bought a copy of Issue #1.

It was such a fun read! John did a great job of setting up this new environment, introducing the characters, and getting the reader interested in what is coming next: “Apocalypse City- “This city is going to Hell…” states Mathew Sharpe, Psychic Investigator, as he leaves a murder scene. Strange things are seemingly happening everywhere he turns and it always involves gruesome death. Assassinations, gang violence and things he just can’t explain are occurring. He’s starting to think they’re connected. Something bad is coming, an ancient evil…and it may mean the end for us all.”

If you have a chance to check it out I recommend it. As for me, I’m excited to get Issue #2!

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