Revisions, Revelations, and Resolutions

Ah… that time of year when everyone reflects on the past twelve months and gets a chance to decide if they want to do anything different for the next twelve.

This process is very similar to what I do when I edit–I look back on what I’ve done, decide what I want to change, and dig back in, hoping my next result will be better than before.

If you aren’t into New Year’s resolutions, maybe you could look at it as a revision instead? Are there things–moments–from the past year that you absolutely loved and what to preserve? Are there times that you hope you never revisit again and can avoid in the future?

I truly believe looking at oneself is the most difficult thing to do. To REALLY see who we are, with all our flaws and beauty. It can be terrifying–yet amazing in what it can reveal about our strengths, our hearts, and our hopes.

As a writer, I’m doing that constantly with the words I’ve written. It’s not always easy, in fact I can’t think of a time I truly enjoyed tearing apart the words I worked so hard to pour onto the page, but if I can come away with something that tells my story better–that makes it both stronger and more beautiful at the same time–then I have accomplished something incredible.

My resolution this year is to keep searching for that strength and beauty–both in my writing and in myself.

Happy New Years everyone!

If you’d care to share your resolutions, I’d love to hear them. 🙂


  1. Anonymous

    i love the idea of new year ‘revisions’. it leaves so much room for change from one side to the other of any situation, goal, or want, without having to fall into a ‘failure’ hole that can break the spirit of continuing to move forward. if at first you don’t succeed, revise!

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