My apartment is so clean…

Ever wondered what sorts of things distract me when I’m editing?

Apparently, everything.

I have figured out that when I’m editing (my least favorite part of the writing process) and when I don’t WANT to be editing (which is whenever I’m editing) I use anything and everything around me as a distraction: my phone, the TV, watering the plants, laundry, dishes, that spot on the computer screen that’s not even there but should probably be cleaned anyway… you name it, it’s distracted me.

The plus side is my apartment is really clean.

What kinds of things do you “let” distract you when you are doing something you’re not the biggest fan of?


  1. Tom

    Let’s see…have a snack; take a “break”; watch 1930’s cowboy movies; have another snack; do laundry; check emails; have another snack; take a nap; watch more Netfilix; have another snack; oops, time for bed. Maybe get on it tomorrow!

  2. Anonymous

    well, although distractions are just that, i often utilize them as the ways and means to get done what i need to get done. commercials have been heavensent for me to get chores done. they manage to give me short spurts in which to put forth a limited amount of time and frantic energy to the task at hand. if i run over the commercial time, it just means i get a bit more done than i’d planned on. mom

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