Kickstarter: Yay or Nay?

Hey all! Sorry for the delay between blogs–I am recovering from a pinched nerve in my shoulder, which has made it extremely painful the past two weeks to work at my computer. But I am doing much better now and don’t want to leave you all in the dark! 🙂

My blog for this week is about the Kickstarter fundraising program. I’ve had several people suggest it to me as a means to raise money for one of my writing projects, the problem is, which one?

I’d love your opinion on it. Which would you rather see me work on: my scifi novel, Illusion, which is the first book in a two-part series. This would require me to purchase a new laptop (mine has a hole burned into it from the previous owner, weighs 10lbs, and doesn’t have wi-fi access and STILL has a disk drive!), although with the new google chromebook, which is all I’d really need, it would be MUCH cheaper. Also I’d like to have the book professionally edited and raise money to attend the Southern California writing conference where I previous got my last agent and met several publishers.


To pursue the next installment of my graphic novel, Hollow. This would involve a three-issue process (each released separately), money for printing costs and marketing, and a new laptop to write outlines, develop characters, and make changes on the spot when meeting with my illustrator, Conrad Teves.

Plus both projects, to get done in a timely fashion, would need to help cover personal monthly costs so I could work less and write more. (One reason both Hollow and the progression of Illusion took so long to begin with.)

Each project would need a minimum of $1500, but I don’t think I could ask people to support both. Each project would also include free copies of the finished product, plus bonus offers to those who donate more money, including T-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, and even perhaps a behind-the-scenes “making of” document!

So I’d love to hear your feedback (which in NO WAY says you will give money!! I am not asking that AT ALL.)


  1. Claire

    Tough call. I don’t know much about the Kickstarter program. I’d love to see Illusion finally get the attention it deserves. If the “sure thing” (heavy quotes because I’m not meaning to malign Illusion) is attractive, though, maybe Hollow is a better bet.
    Zerothreeten’s note seems to have merit, on the other hand.

    Wishy-washiest comment ever? Perhaps.

  2. Anonymous

    personally, i’d love to see you get ‘illusion’ finished, since it was your first love.. on the other hand, ‘hollow’ has already gotten out there, and bringing its siblings into the spotlight would be pretty cool. second thought, tho, is ‘illusion’. i’ve got a good feeling about that conference since it’s worked so well for you in the past. networking is always of major importance. and, i will contribute. love, mom

  3. acmoyer

    I also think Illusion is probably the better way to go here, because if going to the writers’ conference has already connected you with agents and publishers, then one anticipates it will do so again, and that could benefit the development/publication of BOTH Illusion and Hollow in the long term. Also, zerothreeten makes a good point about how Kickstarter funders probably would rather get in on the absolute ground floor.

    Also, if you were to come to the writers’ conference and have any free time, you should let me know! I’m not far from LA and I am always dying for some decent food and conversation.

  4. I think that what people like the most about Kickstarter is that they can get in on the ground floor. Almost like being able to say that you liked suchandsuch band before they were popular and overplayed. On that note, I think that a follow-up to something that already exists wouldn’t be as attractive on Kickstarter. I think people would interpret that as “fund this for me” rather than “take this journey with me” and the latter certainly resonates more with everyone on that site. So, in my opinion, Illusion would be a better Kickstarter project.

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