SpringCon 2013 Wrap-Up! With Pictures!

Hey all! Well, I made it through SpringCon 2013, and besides my cold and the downpour of rain we received, the weekend was a great success!!

I had an absolute blast, met a ton of great people, and got more support and encouragement than I could imagine.

Thank you’s first, then pictures!!

First and foremost: thanks to the Midwest Comic Book Association for hosting this event and letting me have a table at your WONDERFUL convention.

Thanks also to the staff of Twin City Comics (especially Jeremy, Tom, and Pete) for your amazing support. You really help make me believe Hollow can be a success!

Much thanks to some of my fellow creators, (Chad Corrie, Scott Gallatin, David Tea, Kurt Wood, David Bensussan, Doug Kallberg, and John Hoban) for your entertainment during some slower, rainier times, and your wonderful comics, art, and collectibles that I TOTALLY should not have spent money on, but were well worth it. 🙂

Big thanks to all of those that purchased Hollow,  support this website, or like Hollow on FB. Also those who signed up for this blog at the convention (Thao D., Tia S., Tony M., Luke P., Brian R., Travis K., Jason S., Dylan H., and Aaron G.). I hope that you enjoy this blog and comment on it!

Thank you also to Holly K., Michelle G.M., and Shelley S.T., for your wonderful words of encouragement and support. You women are amazing!

HUGE thanks to my Mom, Dad, and sister, Sara, for all their love and support. Thank you for being a great backbone!

And of course, thanks to Conrad Teves, whose illustrations transformed my story into the book of art that is Hollow.

Now for pictures!!!


Conrad with Captain America!


Me with the Human Being!

IMG_0262 (1)

Conrad with Poison Ivy, Harley, and Cat Woman!

IMG_1087 (1)

Me with Link from Zelda!


Me with Captain Jack Sparrow! (He even talked like Johnny Depp, so I may have been a little smitten!)

IMG_0252 (1)

Conrad with Poison Ivy and Harley version 2!

Photo: Here's Craig, the Saturday winner of a Free Hollow t-shirt at SpringCon!  Congratulations Craig!! See Christa's blog for how to win one tomorrow!   http://christayelichkoth.com/2013/05/16/special-offer-for-springcon-2013-free-t-shirt/

Me with Craig McDaniel, winner of our free Hollow T-shirt contest!

photo (2)

Me with Ben Terry, who so graciously sported one of our Hollow shirts!


Me and my Dad–who surprised me by driving up from Milwaukee to be here for the big event! (And also was wearing one of our T-shirts!!)

What a mind-blowing weekend! Thanks again to everyone (and if I forgot anyone, my apologies, and welcome to the world of Christa’s memory!)

PS- Don’t forget! Coming up June 1st is an interview with author Jessica Therrien about her next YA fantasy book, Uprising, which comes out MAY 28th!  http://jessica-therrien.blogspot.com/


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