Title for my next comic book revealed!

That’s right! The title for my next comic book has been decided!


Issue #1: Aftermath

I am super excited about this! I didn’t know when I wrote Hollow if people would enjoy it, much less if I’d write another comic, but I’ve had such an influx of support and encouragement, not to mention people asking when the next one is going to come out, that I began to think about follow-on stories.

I am grateful to say that the next installment, Aftermath, came quite easily to me. And I look forward to working with Conrad Teves again as my illustrator, whose work in Hollow was amazing. We have already finished storyboards and are currently working on pencils and dialogue.

I will keep you updated on everything you need to know to prepare for Aftermath, including the cover reveal, trailer, fundraising, and of course, final release date!

Thank you everyone for you support! (Special thanks to Reggie and Stu for their feedback and thoughts on the title and story.)


  1. I for one, think it’s a terrific title!
    May I add it’s a pleasure to be working with you again, and a pleasure to watch you do that mysterious thing you do when you write.
    It makes me believe in magic.

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