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Hey all!

Things have been going swimmingly in my world of writing, even through edits, marketing mishaps, and scheduling conflicts. I’d have to say I’ve been making really great progress on many things, including the next comic in the Hollow series, called HOLLOW’S PRISM: Issue #1 Aftermath, and editing of Illusion, my science fantasy novel, which some of you may know I’ve recently split into two books. (Check out my science fiction/fantasy page to read a summary of Illusion!)

To my surprise, I was invited to be featured on Lenora Rogers blog, and am delighted about it! Lenora’s site features many uprising artists, photographers, and writers, and I’m happy to say I’ve gotten to be a part of it.

I hope you all enjoy!

PS- Coming soon: Cover for Aftermath, updates on Illusion, and gearing up for fundraising madness!

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