So did you choose Free Will or Happiness…?

Well, the final results are in, the score is tallied, and coming straight from you, we now know if you would have chosen Free Will or Happiness.

 Here are the results from the poll!



Looks like choosing your own path is more important to most than the resulting happiness, but not by the largest landslide in history! Were you surprised by the results? Did they match what you picked? Why did you choose one or the other?

PS- Coming soon! Announcement and reveal of the cover for “HOLLOW’S PRISM: Aftermath” and fundraising fun with music!


  1. mom

    actually, i was surprised at the percentage of people who chose ‘happiness’. maybe, on second thought, not so surprised. today’s world is fraught with life-changing problems and decisions, perspectives and perceptions. although i chose ‘free will’, i can understand the allure and promise of sustained happiness. still, i’ll take the chance that my choices will lead me where they will, and will enjoy the happiness as it appears. maybe i’m just a gambler at heart. thanks for your post, christa.

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