Fundraising with my music!!

Hey everyone! For the month of August, 2013, all proceeds from any of my song purchases (my stage name is Renee Kole), “Fairy Tales”, “Silly Me”, and “The Road”, will go to fund my upcoming comic book series, HOLLOW’S PRISM: “Aftermath”, due to be released this fall! Please help me reach my goal and get “Aftermath” published!

Songs can be purchased for just $0.99 at and iTunes! Just search for RENEE KOLE and the songs will pop right up! And if you like the music, please feel free to share. Thanks everyone!!

Special thanks to Reggie Hansome, Benjamin More, and Stu Tighe for feedback and support.

SUPER SPECIAL THANKS to Jason Pape for your many hours of editing and polishing to help bring these songs to the next level.


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