Hey everyone! So here it is, the cover to my (and Conrad Teves’) upcoming comic, HOLLOW’S PRISM: Issue #1 “Aftermath”!

(Click on picture to enlarge)

HOLLOW'S PRISM: Issue #1 "Aftermath" coming fall 2013
HOLLOW’S PRISM: Issue #1 “Aftermath” coming fall 2013

So… what do you think?


Summary of “Aftermath”:

Left to die… alone. Or so I thought…”

Thenn has spent 5 years fighting the tyrannical Chears, only to be mutinied by the crew she trusted, and left for dead on a waste-covered planet. Without food or water, Thenn has no hope to survive, and knows she will die–forgotten and alone.

But she is not as alone as she believes…


PS- Don’t forget! All proceeds during August from any of my song purchases (“Fairy Tales,” “Silly Me,” and “The Road” under the name RENEE KOLE) will go toward printing costs of “Aftermath!” So if you like the music or know someone who would, please download now at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/ReneeKole or iTunes or SHARE THIS POST.


Thanks everyone for all your help so far! I am about 25% of the way to my goal with a little over two weeks left!! We can do this!!


  1. acmoyer

    I like it! The woman looks a bit like you which is cool. It definitely got me curious about what events led to the scenario depicted, which I figure means it is doing its job. And I agree with your dad, the teaser is great too.

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