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DORK. One word that when I was growing up, I never wanted anyone to call me. And now? I proudly say I fall into the dork category.

And why? What’s changed? I haven’t changed. But somehow now it’s acceptable that I write science fantasy and comic books, I can quote Star Wars and Joss Whedon television shows, and that I’ve reread all the Harry Potter Books. And besides, to be able to write my books like “Illusion” and comics like upcoming “Hollow’s Prism”, I need to know what else is out there, right? So… it’s research that I happen to enjoy! 😉

Shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and movies about comic book superheroes are at an all time high. Is this just a trend? A fad that happens to be popular right now?

Maybe so. But now that I’ve embraced my “dorky” ways? Forget it. I’m NEVER going back into hiding. And if nothing else, it makes me a better writer, which in the end, is what my passion is all about.

Anyone else want to reveal their “inner dork”? 🙂

(Cartoon picture thanks to clipartof. Picture of me from FallCon 2012.)