Being a dork… and proud of it?!

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DORK. One word that when I was growing up, I never wanted anyone to call me. And now? I proudly say I fall into the dork category.

And why? What’s changed? I haven’t changed. But somehow now it’s acceptable that I write science fantasy and comic books, I can quote Star Wars and Joss Whedon television shows, and that I’ve reread all the Harry Potter Books. And besides, to be able to write my books like “Illusion” and comics like upcoming “Hollow’s Prism”, I need to know what else is out there, right? So… it’s research that I happen to enjoy! 😉

Shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and movies about comic book superheroes are at an all time high. Is this just a trend? A fad that happens to be popular right now?

Maybe so. But now that I’ve embraced my “dorky” ways? Forget it. I’m NEVER going back into hiding. And if nothing else, it makes me a better writer, which in the end, is what my passion is all about.

Anyone else want to reveal their “inner dork”? 🙂

(Cartoon picture thanks to clipartof. Picture of me from FallCon 2012.)


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  2. OzV

    My inner dork was and is a fascination with puns. I still find that they are seldom “in”, but they keep popping out, and I still love them! Congratulations in your “dorkiness”, and take pride in it. It will help your writing, as well as your great sense of self!!

  3. I got remarried last year and our DJ had a hell of a time keeping up with out musical selections: My bridesmaids walked in to the theme of the Princess Bride, I walked in to an instrumental version of the Ballad of Serenity, when we were introduced at the reception it was to the Imperial Death March and the most popularly requested song at the wedding was the Timewarp from Rocky Horror Picture Show. My inner-geek lit up the world that day 🙂 I love that you celebrate your inner dork 🙂

  4. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
    Or would a dork by any other measure be as dorky?
    Of course.
    Why… is Star Trek… so entertaining? (Read with Shatner inflection) Because it’s imaginative.
    Who do Whedon shows entertain? Imaginative people.
    So the measure of dorkiness is a genuine enjoyment of fantastic imaginations. Some people are consumers dorks, but then others, the truly imaginative, become supply side dorks and write the material that inspires everyone else.
    There were many years, high school naturally, where I never talked about my favorite show, Robotech. Now there’s no one I want to pretend to impress so I’m free to be as dorky as nature made me.

    1. I love your thoughts on how those shows reach imaginative people, because that IS what those shows are made from. It takes so much creativity to think up things that aren’t real, that COULD be real, that we WISH were real, and make them real in a story. And I’m so happy you can be as dorky as nature has made you. As someone who has read some of your work, I’m glad your imaginative mind lets you be one of those “supply side dorks.” 🙂

  5. Dorks/Geeks/Nerds not only make Fantasy fiction for us to enjoy, but all the cool stuff we surround ourselves with also. Almost everything built these days is a computer wrapped in phone/gps/tv/car/plane/etc.
    The modern world does not exist without the dork. We are its imagination, its desire to create, its intellect to do so.
    Just try and be cool without us.

  6. mom

    i love both your animated and book-signing pictures. back (way back) i don’t even know if we had the word ‘dork’, but i do remember that when i finally heard it, it was about as derogatory as possible to call someone a dork. it was more of a socially awkward thing, and it was a mean thing to call someone. it hasn’t been until my association with you, christa, that i have been re-educated about dorkiness. i love ‘tbbt’ and your books, and star wars, and even have some of my own sci-fi books, and of course, harry potter, but i’d never consider myself a dork. i’m just not quite into all that……..well, maybe a tiny bit. tiny, tiny. i’m so confused!!!

  7. Julia Jourdan

    Love the Big Bang theory! And my inner dork loves games like head bands, pictionary, or any game you have to act things out and others have to guess…… But not many people feel the same so what to do.

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