Now that I’m awake… I’d like to know which interests you more?

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, depending where you live and what time you see this. 🙂 My naptime after my 3-week whirlwind of Hollow’s Prism #1’s release is over and I am awake, alert, and ready for what comes next.

Well, I’m awake. 🙂

So what’s next on my agenda? I’d kind of like to know what YOU’D be interested in. I will continue to work on getting my science fantasy novel ILLUSION up and ready for publication and as my brain settles down from all the HOLLOW’S PRISM awesomeness, I’m sure I will push forward into Issue #2. But I have two YA novellas I want to extend into full-length books. What I want to know is, WHICH ONE INTERESTS YOU MORE?


This is a YA fantasy story in which a teenage boy, Bekk, finds he is torn between a fairy dreamworld and reality–that is until he unsure if the dreamworld is actually a dream at all.



This is a YA science fiction story in which a teenage boy, Sree, must fulfill his family duty and become an assassin. The trouble is, Sree doesn’t want to kill anyone, but if he doesn’t, he’ll become the next target.

I’d love to know what you think! Results will be announced in one week on October 22nd!

PS- Thanks to everyone who signed up for my blog at the Twin Cities Book Festival this past Saturday and entered to win a free HOLLOW tote bag! The winner is Jody Garrison! Congrats Jody!

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  1. acmoyer

    Hmm, I’m torn. On the one hand, I like fairy-themed things provided the fairies are not too (1) saccharine (sp?) or (2) just Twilight vampires re-cast. But I’m sure you wouldn’t do either of those, so I would love to read Bekk’s Deams.

    ON THE OTHER HAND…Rules of Assignment sounds suspenseful and possibly full of intrigue, which I also like.

    But I just decided, I’m going to go with Bekk’s Dreams just because I’m curious what your fairy world would be like!

  2. mom

    ok, will try again. i’m voting for rules of assignment. i like the premise, and it sounds like it could be a tension-filled thriller (my personal faves). i also like the idea of y.a.’s having to go through their own moral and personal belief situations during a time of confusion and change in their own lives. life is chaotic enough for people around that age, so to add such a huge moral dilemma and consequences for choices regarding it seems to be the making of a dramatic and exciting story. am looking forward to reading it.

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