Hollow goes digital on “HOLLOWeen!”

happy holloween

That’s right! My graphic novel, HOLLOW, is going DIGITAL! I’m so excited! Comixology has processed and transformed the physical book into a digital version you can buy and read on your computer, tablet, even phone! For only $1.99!!

So for those of you who really want to read Hollow, (or anyone you know) but maybe aren’t a big collector of comic books themselves, this is the perfect opportunity to buy the story without buying the book!

Of course, Hollow will still be available to buy from my website and from local comic book stores, in case you want the real thing or want to get it signed, but if not, then I hope you’ll check it out at Comixology at the following link starting on Halloween: http://cmxl.gy/16qz8dA

PS- Comixology also has a ton of other cool stuff, local artists/writers, and FREE comics, so feel free to peruse the site before Oct 31st and get a feel for it!

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