Hollow’s Prism Vol. 2– IT HAS BEGUN!

No, not THAT kind of “It has begun!” 🙂

So, I gave myself a month off from thinking about the next part of the Hollow’s Prism series. I figured between the launch of Vol 1: Aftermath at the end of September, FallCon the weekend after that, and the Twin Cities Book Festival the weeked after that, I wanted to rest a bit before I plunged ahead.

I’m delighted to say, though, that Hollow’s Prism Vol. 2 (title to be determined) has begun! The beginning has been written and I’m excited to say, as a teaser, that those of you who have read HOLLOW will find the return of a character in Vol 2. 🙂

And for those of you anxious about the tinnybots from “Aftermath”, never fear! They shall return as well and may have some fun new features of their own. 😉


(photo courtesy of hark.com)


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