Like being in a snowglobe…


As a fiction writer, I often find myself looking at the world as something different than it actually is. For example, today, with large, fat snowflakes drifting lazily to the ground, I feel as though I’m inside a snowglobe that has just been shaken.

Many people aren’t fans of snowy days, whether they dislike to shovel or the precarious drive to work, but I enjoy them. I love the way snow clings to tree branches, as if they are slathered with thick white icing, or how bright the day can be even when it’s overcast because of so much surrounding whiteness. And when the sun shines, the snow-covered ground glistens as though encrusted with flecks of diamonds.

I’m not sure if it’s because when I write, I have to describe things, and writing “it was snowing” gets old, but it’s helped me see things in a completely different way.

Have YOU ever found yourself looking at something many others complain about (i.e. bad weather, traffic jams, being sick, etc.) in a way that makes it more positive? Or are there some things that no matter what you do, you just aren’t a fan?


  1. mom

    i can very much relate to what you wrote. being in mexico, i miss the seasons terribly, just like i did when i lived in so. calif. 40 yrs. ago. much of my enjoyment of the weather was related to gardening and nature. the winter was a resting time for the plants there, for the trees and bushes. they were covered in a blanket of white, keeping them close until it was time to wake up again in the spring. the first buds, the first flowers (those aren’t here, either, no tulips, daffodils, lilacs, etc), and that smell of the air that has been cleaned and vacuumed by odors rich with promise. summer’s fullness, so many different colors of green, there isn’t a palette large enough to hold them all, thunderstorms, each having its own personality, its own strength, its own brilliance. and autumn, displaying her oscar gowns on a red carpet, bringing the cycle of life new meaning as the leaves begin to fall in order to nourish the earth and make way for new life. autumn also gives us the opportunity for exercise through raking, and us old folks remember the smell of burning leaves, and how it truly marked another ending and beginning. but my favorite day of all is that one day when it snows leaves. there is always one day when the leaves come down like snowflakes. it’s a different kind of snowglobe, but one nonetheless. it makes me want to stand with my arms straight out from my sides, my face turned to the heavens, and just twirl and twirl in the midst of the whirl and swirl. weather, and all that comes with it, is not only wonderful, but wondrous to me

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