I was telling a story about an embarrassing moment I’d had where I accidentally insulted someone and I said “I totally put my foot in my mouth.” Then I realized, WHAT??

Idioms. Those things are WEIRD. I mean, if you think about it, why would it ever “rain cats and dogs” or “it takes two to tango” refers to placing blame in a situation? How do people come up with this stuff?

As a science fiction writer who DOESN’T write about Earth, I’ve found I CAN’T use these phrases because those things don’t exist. There are no cats and dogs (although there are nikana (which are a type of feline) and itsu birds, but it doesn’t quite work the same.)

What about you? What’s the strangest, oddest, “out of this world” idiom you’ve ever heard?


PS- Extra update: The trailer for Hollow’s Prism: “Aftermath” will be on youtube shortly after the new year!


(*photo courtesy of neoavatara.com)