SCWC 2014 wrap up… TWO KITTENS UP!


Well, I made it through another amazing weekend with the Southern California Writer’s Conference in San Diego. The twist? This year I was not only staff, but also a workshop leader. (“FROM STORYBOARDS TO STORES: A Writer’s Guide to Comic Books”)

What an amazing experience. Not only did I work with several of my favorite people (including Laura Perkins, Benjamin More, Rick Ochocki, Jean Jenkins, MSG, and Wes Albers), but I got to talk other wonderful writers, teach them what I’ve learned, hear their feedback on my writing, meet with interested agents, and I even laughed so hard at one point I couldn’t breathe. (Crazy mountain goat story that I STILL didn’t hear through the end! haha!)

This conference really helped solidify my desire to be a writer–to be surrounded by all of these talented people, to know that I feel the same about writing as they do, and that my passion for it drives me to continue on, if for no other reason, than to find out how the story ends.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, (shout out to  Stu Tighe, Jason Pape, Jessica Therrien, and Holly Kammier). Without your support, this trip wouldn’t have happened.

Have YOU ever attended a conference or workshop that affected you in such a strong way? What did you like/ not like about it?


  1. mom

    it certainly is a special feeling to find someplace where you truly ‘belong’. it not only validates your choice, but motivates you to keep on keeping on! and the support you encounter is priceless. i’m so glad you made it this year, and i hope you get to go to even more.

    being an unorthodox therapist, i’ve found more negatives than positives at conferences i’ve attended. it’s not always easy to ‘fit in’, but when you find your niche, you know it immediately. and i’m so glad you found yours, christa. it’s a great feeling. you go, girl!

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