Cover Reveal for HOLLOW’S PRISM no. 2 :”REUNION”!

Here it is! The cover for my newest comic book in the Hollow’s Prism series: “REUNION!”


I am gearing up for the release of this next issue in the ongoing series. Release date will be posted soon so keep an eye out for future posts! Check out a summary of REUNION below!


Salia and her brother have fled their homeworld, which has been claimed by the invading Chears.

They are on their way to a new world–one untouched by Chear control.

But a news broadcast about a group of rebels reveals someone from Salia’s past–

someone she’s never met, but who changed everything.

Will Salia finally meet the woman who saved her life?

(cover art by Conrad Teves)


  1. mom

    i can hardly wait! the cover appears dangerous, eerie, provocative. it makes me want to find out what’s happening, and find out now! again, good work, christa, and a thumbs up for conrad.

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