So I realize I haven’t written in a while– probably because I feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing in the writing department. Which isn’t technically true. I’ve started storyboards with illustrator Conrad Teves on the next installment of HOLLOW’S PRIM no. 3. Making good progress– even wrote a moment that surprised Conrad! But I guess I’ve been more interested in my novel-writing and that has equated to nada.

For those curious, I’m currently working on IDENTITY, which is the second book to ILLUSION (check out my Science Fiction/ Fantasy page if you want to know more!). ILLUSION is complete and off on its merry way to (hopefully) get published. But IDENTITY seems to have slowed. Maybe I’ve just been busier. Yeah… I’m going to blame it on that. 😉

Regardless, I’ll try to get my writing juices flowing again. In the meantime, I’m preparing for CONvergence, which is 4th of July weekend. A comic book convention that deals with a lot of cosplay.  I’ve never been and really looking forward to it!

Have any of you ever been to CONvergence? What did you think?