That’s right! This coming 4th of July weekend, myself and illustrator Conrad Teves,

will be attending CONvergence in Bloomington, MN

this Friday and Saturday (7/4-7/5) between 10a-6p!

CONvergence is a 4-day event for science fiction/fantasy fans to come have a blast cosplaying, viewing a film festival, parties, a masquerade, plus of course a chance to get great comics, books, and the like and meet the creators themselves!

You’ll be able to find Conrad and I in Artist’s Alley. We hope you can make it down to visit and have your picture taken with us to post afterwards!

And if you missed us at SpringCon, here’s your chance to pick up Hollow’s Prism no. 2: REUNION and complete your set! New to the Hollow’s series? We’ll have some AMAZING deals there plus a giveaway!!

Can you go?!?! I hope so!!!