Cover Reveal for Hollow’s Prism no. 3 ALLIANCE!



Here it is! The cover for my newest comic Hollow’s Prism no. 3 “ALLIANCE”!

I’m SUPER excited about this issue. Check out the summary below:



“This is SO my luck…”

Thenn lost her home planet of

Thor Haz to an invading Chears army.

She was left to die by her crew

on a deserted planet.

Rescued by two teenagers running for their lives,

Thenn thought she’d found a place to live her life in safety.

But an unlikely alliance will change everything…

Coming this fall (release date TBA soon!), it will definitely be available in time for FallCon this October 2014.

Haven’t delved into the world of the Hollow comics yet? It’s not too late! Buy now from this very website (just click on the cover pages) or from a local comic book store in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area! Want to check it out before you buy? Click HERE to watch the trailer for Hollow on YouTube!

Stay tuned for more updates… and possibly an exciting giveaway!!

Thanks to everyone for all your support and help in this series. Special thanks to Stu Tighe and Jason Pape for your time editing and of course to illustrator Conrad Teves for bringing your art to the pages of this book!

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  1. Anonymous

    love the cover! am so excited to see this last one. christa, you have done a remarkable Project here, and i’ve enjoyed every minute of the evolution of your talent, your gift, your creativity. it all just keeps getting better, more enjoyable, as you continue. here’s to much more! cheers!

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