Hollow’s Prism no. 1 AFTERMATH is now available DIGITALLY for $0.99!!



I’m soooo excited to announce that the first issue in my comic book series, Hollow’s Prism, is now available as a digital version for only $0.99!! Just click on the link here and you’ll be whisked away to Comixology to purchase AFTERMATH!

It’s just in time for those of you who want to get into the Hollow’s Prism series with the release of my 3rd issue, ALLIANCE, coming out on Oct 4th, but didn’t want to purchase the books themselves. So here is your chance to start in on this series!!

But don’t forget, you CAN still purchase hard copies if you want from my online marketplace here.

Thanks to everyone, including illustrator Conrad Teves, and the team at Comixology!!



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