Too many Superheros?


Marvel has swooped in and made their presence known in a big way: movies, comics, and now TV. From Ironman to The Incredible Hulk to Thor to Captain America, superheroes are flooding our senses. Bring them all together to create the Avengers and now a spin-off TV show, Marvel: Agents of Shield.



Comic book fans are going crazy, enjoying their drawn characters brought to life. But how do others feel about it? Are superheros taking over our airways? Will we over-saturate and lose the “special” feeling about these characters?



I’m curious to know what YOU think, both comic fans and those who’ve never heard of these characters until this recent extravaganza.



  1. mom

    growing up, my superheroes consisted of superman, batman, wonder woman. i was never a marvel fan, so all these new (to me) superheroes seem rather neverending. since i’ve not been overly familiar with them, i haven’t followed their backstories, don’t know much about how they came to be or what they can do, and have kind of become overwhelmed with their variety and numbers. in the past few years, it’s seemed that every time i’ve turned around, another character shows its face and superpower. and, since they’re mostly brought out in the movies with constant special effects of the cg type, they’ve pretty much all come to look the same to me. bottom line is that i’m ignoring most of them as i feel no connection to them. that picture you posted in your blog of the gang of superheroes all running forward scared the crap out of me! like i was going to be drowned in a sea of massive superhero-ness. aaaaagh!!!!

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