Some things you may have missed…

Hey all! I’ve had some people say they “didn’t know about this or hadn’t heard about that” on my blog, mostly because they’ve signed up for it after I’d posted things.

So I thought I’d offer some past interviews, trailers posts, and interesting topics you may have missed.

Enjoy and have a happy holiday!


Short Story Contest Win August 2013 from Spike Books

(Subject was “summer”. 500 words or less. I wrote the story based on a testimonial from an agoraphobic.)



Jazma Online

Panels & Pizza Podcast

Writing Blog Roll Interview


Trailers on YouTube:






10 Fun Blog Posts you might have missed…

Crossing Brands: Yay or Nay?

Stuck My Foot In My Mouth… wait… what?!

Comfort Books and Comfort Food

You are SO lucky you do what you love… am I?

Ender’s Game and Orson Scott Card: Art vs. Artist

Being a Dork… and proud of it?

Boba Fett… most famous side character ever?

More or Less “Science”?

How Thick is Your Skin?

“Punch Writing in the Face!”





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