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*cover reveal coming soon!*

I am beyond excited to announce that my debut novel from the Eomix Galaxy Books collection, ILLUSION, will be released this year! Coming in August 2015 through Buzz & Roar Publishing, my book will be offered in both print and eBook formats.

As many of you know, this has been a culmination of insane amounts of time, energy, and imagination. I am so extremely pleased to be able to offer this book to readers, especially those who have waited so very long to read it!

As a special bonus, there will be an option to PRE-ORDER the book, starting in March! Along with it comes a few fun bonuses, including a signed copy and an illustrated layout of the space ship the Horizon, from illustrator Conrad Teves!


What people are already saying about ILLUSION:

“One strength is the depth of the abilities you’ve created for Daith. Everything in your book is SO well thought out … I can just feel the anticipation! … I’m really sucked in!” –From Jessica Therrien, Barnes & Noble best-selling author of the YA Fantasy series Children of the Gods


“I love all the conflict and the big reveal. … Energy fingerprints—this is really interesting. You have such a great imagination!”—  From Holly Kammier, co-founder and editor at Acorn Author Services


“Illusion is an intense walk through manipulation. Elements of selfishness and revenge are balanced in Machiavellian justification. The ethical dilemmas live with the characters as compassion blurs to presumption, right turns to wrong […]  As I read Illusion consequential themes snuck up on me and granted a deeper appreciation for this epic novel.” –From Benjamin R. More, author of Entangled Souls, featured in the anthology Dark Moon Presents: Ghosts



Thank you so much to everyone who has been supportive and helped to make this dream a reality. To my family, my friends, my coworkers, my bosses, my editors, other authors I’ve known, the Southern California Writer’s Conference, my comic book fans, and of course Buzz & Roar Publishing, I can’t begin to tell you how much you all have meant to me. You have listened to me talk about my books, helped me when I needed someone to lean on, and encouraged me to make these books a reality, not only because you’ve seen all the work I’ve put into them, but because you truly love the stories.

I have been blessed with so many wonderful people in my life. Thank you.


Summary: (from my Science Fiction/Fantasy Page)

Eomix Galaxy Books: ILLUSION

A father whose life reaches out from the past…

A disciple who desires to control the present…

A woman whose choices will determine the future…


A powerful man, savior to some, tyrant to others, is dead. Unable to accept this loss, one of his followers will do anything to reestablish the galaxy’s broken peace. Disregarding the boundaries of morality, he  kidnaps his former idol’s daughter, Daith, who is gifted with the same abilities as her father.

Bereft of her memories and shrouded in deceptions, this lone woman is unaware of the truth hidden in her shattered mind. As peace crumbles around them, Daith must decide–to search for her stolen past or use her gifts to restore order.


STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES, INCLUDING COVER REVEAL, BLOG TOUR, AND MORE! And don’t forget to like my Eomix Galaxy Books FB page HERE!


  1. Thomas Koth

    At last!!! I was still at the Sheriff’s dept. when you sent me your original novel. I am so looking forward to this one being published. You have more than earned it!!! Love, Dad

    “It’s not over yet!”

  2. mom

    congratulations, christa! i know how hard you’ve worked to make this dream come true. this is truly exceptional, and i’m bustin’ my buttons for what you’ve accomplished. already i can say ‘i want more!’

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