Hey everyone! I’m so excited to have everyone participate in the ILLUSION blog tour between May 1st- May 15th, 2015! DarkTest

What is a blog tour? It is a way for other bloggers to share about ILLUSION, chat with me about the book, or have me post about something on their blog! It’s a way for their readers to learn a little bit about me and for my readers to learn a little bit about the amazing people who want to share about ILLUSION, read their blogs, and maybe find some people who they want to follow!

As a bonus, anyone who signs up to help me spread the word will receive the FIRST 2 CHAPTERS OF ILLUSION absolutely free! (Chapters will be sent between April 1st-15th, 2015 through email.)

If you are interested in having me over to your blog for an interview, guest post, or any other awesome idea you may have, fill out the form below:


Don’t forget, ILLUSION is on sale for Pre-Order now HERE, which also includes the EXCLUSIVE pdf of the spaceship schematics from the Horizon, the ship featured in the book!