Minicon50 wrap up!!

Minicon50 is over and done for this year and I must say, it was a blast! With a much more relaxed atmosphere, this science fiction convention gave everyone plenty of time to meet the incredible guests of honor (like author Larry Niven and artist Michael Whelan), go to some great panels, get some tasty food at the ConSuite, dance and mingle at some of the fun after-hours parties, and purchase fun new books, comics, and crafts from the dealer’s room!

This was my first time at a Minicon and I met some incredible people, including Michael Whelan, George Richard, the gents from MuzzleLand Press, dark fantasy writer Patrick W. Marsh, Mario from Big World Network, and Terri from Second Run Reviews, (plus many more!)


(Words of Radiance by Michael Whelan)

I was joined with Chief Editor of Buzz & Roar Publishing, Stuart Tighe, on Friday, who helped field questions about the publishing world, and the illustrator of my comics, Conrad Teves, on Saturday and Sunday, who was able to answer questions to those budding artists who wanted to key tips of the trade.

This was also the first time I’d been on any panels and I had a wonderful time! I was on “Publishing after the Big 5” and “Artistic Bravery”. We talked about our own experiences approaching agents and publishing companies, our successes and failures, and the fear we all have, no matter how much we’ve published/sold. All the panelists were extremely approachable even after the panel had ended.


(Me on a panel about “Artistic Bravery”)

AND I did my first reading from my new science fantasy book, ILLUSION! I was pretty nervous, but the audience was very giving and enjoyed the excerpt. Their feedback also helped me realize the things I could do different for next time and the things I was doing right. 🙂


So overall, it was a wonderful weekend. Thank you to the staff and volunteers who helped make the experience a memorable one!

And don’t forget, if you haven’t ordered your copy of ILLUSION yet, you can do so HERE! Thanks for all your support and I hope you enjoy the book!!


  1. mom

    so glad to hear it was a success (altho, i never had a doubt), and glad you had a good time to boot! talk about artistic bravery! you don’t just talk the talk! yay for you, christa!

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