What makes you care? Take the poll!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been asked by several other writers (and other people in the creative community) what makes people care about what they do.

So I’ve put together a little poll to get some feedback from YOU about this subject.

For example, when you decide you want to participate in something, like helping a cause, starting a debate, buying a product, reading a book, what method entices you the most? Whether it be a post on FB, a TV announcement, or even word-of-mouth.

I will post the results next week! Thanks everyone!


PS- Stay tuned for news about my upcoming ILLUSION blog tour May 1st- 15th!! If you haven’t checked out a summary of the book yet, feel free to do so HERE. 🙂





  1. mom

    from the looks of the poll so far, it seems that certain manipulations aren’t high in enticing people to care, which i’m glad to see. if caring doesn’t come from the heart, what’s the point?!! however, i’ve noticed an acceleration in manipulating people to care about non-issue issues through fear or a promise of a ‘quick fix’, (such as taking medicines in order to ‘ward off’ illnesses that aren’t an issue, and may never become one! or caring about all the new gadgetry on cars nowadays that can be used as an excuse for poor driving habits — such as texting while on the road. why worry about paying attention while driving when your car can now ‘stop itself’ before a collision? or, so they say!) and i am concerned for the fallout of caring for such reasons.

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