“Nobody Seems to Care About My Writing… Why Not?” 1st stop in the ILLUSION blog tour!


Okay, here we go! Here is the first stop on the ILLUSION blog tour. I am pleased that I get to begin with a good friend of mine, and GREAT writer, Reggie Hansome. Reggie writes the Saints comic book series. Here’s a quick summary of the first issue:

As Rey begins to question the validity of the state-run propaganda machine, his mother is involved in a perhaps-not-unrelated accident. What can this seemingly ordinary boy do to help his family, himself, and the world?

In the future, mankind has lost its way and turned its back on God. A mysterious man named Faust has brought the world to a seemingly Utopian state. But a headstrong young man named Rey is about to learn that the serpents outnumber the innocent in this Garden of Eden.

As for his blog, Reggie writes on The Disposable Friend about movies, video games, comics, TV, all sorts of fun things!

So click HERE to head on over to his blog and read my guest post, entitled “Nobody Seems to Care About My Writing… Why Not?” where I give my thoughts on how family and friends respond to your work, dealing with rejection of a professional product vs. taking it personally, and tips on how to find your REAL target audience.


ENJOY! Stop 1 is on! Stay tuned for May 3rd with Spikes Books!!


  1. Great points on your blog post, Christa. I’d like to add a thought, if I may. Sometimes no support is better than false support. How much help does a family member give when they sugarcoat and tell the author their work is great when it’s actually not? I had plenty of “supporters” from my close family and friends when I started out, but I really needed someone to tell me straight up what worked and what didn’t in my manuscript. Writer’s groups are great for critiques. And yes, you have to focus on finding your target audience. =)

    1. Too true, Lorena. When not hurting your feelings keeps someone from helping improve your book, then they are not right for feedback. It happens a lot with friends and family. I agree that writer’s groups are much better for that type of support. Thanks for your great thoughts about this!

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