Welcome to May 5th! I’m delighted to be on Rinah Lidonde’s blog (pen name Christina Ow), Read Me.

Rinah has this to say about herself: I love reading novels that take me on a ride of wild emotions. Books have always been an escape for me, for a few hours I love to live the lives of characters I grow to cherish and admire.

She is the author of romance/ interracial romance novels the Black Widow series and has a new book coming out May 26th, Twists of Fates from the Dukkha series.


She has been gracious enough to host me on her blog and asked me to tell my writing journey. Feel free to read it HERE and I hope you enjoy, learn a little more about me as an author, and come away feeling more hopeful about your own journey in life.

Coming Thursday, May 7th! A chance for you to participate in the next blog tour topic! Hosted by Oz Monroe, I’ll connect you with the link on his FB page so you can vote in the topic you’d like me to write about! ((Scary as people can suggest anything they want!!))