The last of my ILLUSION blog tour– Influences


A single spark can start a fire.


Hey everyone!

I can’t believe today is the last day of my blog tour. It has been an amazing ride with a ton of different and great hosts, awesome topics, and cool comments along the way.

To cap everything off, I’m over at Jessica Therrien’s blog today to chat about my influences and what that means for ILLUSION.

Jessica Therrien is another great author, and friend, I met at the Southern California Writers Conference. She is the best-selling B&N author of the popular YA Fantasy series, Children of the Gods. She has this to say about herself: “Hi! I’m the author of the YA paranormal series, CHILDREN OF THE GODS. I’m a mommy to a super cute 2-year-old and chubby wubby baby boy. So be prepared for some baby blogging in between the book updates. My days are spent taking care of my munchkins and writing, most likely in my pajamas.”

Check out my guest post HERE!

Thank you everyone for this incredible journey. ILLUSION is has a strong start and its the amazing readers like you out there that help to bring it to life.


PS- Want to meet me in person? Chat with me about any of my posts? I will be at MSP ComicCon all this weekend, May 16th-17th!! Check out the info HERE and I hope to see you there!

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  1. mom

    wonderful blog, christa! and a great ending to the blog tour experience. having read ‘illusion’ in several of its manifestations, i can attest to the quality of ‘wholeness’ regarding both the characters and the stories. your influences have served you well. it’s a great read, and i can’t wait to get my hands on the final version. soon, soon, soon! yay!!!

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