ILLUSION blog tour total package!!

Did you miss out on some of my ILLUSION blog tour moments?

Never fear!



I’ve compiled a list for you below of the posts and the links to them, all for your easy convenience. 🙂 Just click on the title of the blog to be whisked away!

Guest post: Reggie Hansome’s blog: “Nobody I know seems to care about my writing… why not?” A look at dealing with friends and family not buying your books and how to find the TRUE market for what you write.

Interview: Spikes Books: “7 questions about me

Interview: Alesha Escobar’s blog Fantasy, Mash-Ups, & Mayhem: “What are your favorite characters from ILLUSION, how were you inspired to write them, and what trends do you see coming up in fantasy and science fiction?”

Interview: Christina Ow’s blog Read-Me: “My writing journey”

Guest Post: Oz Monroe’s blog challenge: “Drag Queens vs. Beauty Queens: which is a better role model for children?”

Guest Post: Benjamin R. More’s blog: “When is your manuscript ready to send out?”

Guest Post: Tonya R. Moore’s blog SPec-Fic Genre Love: “The Allure of Space Opera… and yet the taboo of using that term.” 

Guest Post FROM Lorena Angell on my blog: “How to Increase your Readership.”

Podcast guest: Panels & Pizza: “Special MSP Comic Con show!”

Interview: Jessica Therrien’s blog: “My TV, movie, and books writer influences and how they’ve affected ILLUSION.”


Thanks again to everyone who participated, from the hosts/hostesses of my posts to my readers and supporters. Your input on my guest posts, your enthusiasm for my book, and your purchases have really helped push ILLUSION forward into the world.

In less than 1 month (OHMYGOSH!!) ILLUSION goes to the printers. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet and you want to make sure you get it, here’s the LINK. Reminder that pre-orders will get their books as soon as they come in, even if that’s before the official launch date! The more pre-orders, the earlier we can order the books. ALSO you’ll get an exclusive pdf of the Horizon, the spaceship featured on the cover ((that really unique-looking ship on the cover behind the eye!)). You’ll be able to navigate the floors with the characters during the book, much like a map in a fantasy story. But ONLY pre-orders get this! So order now!


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  1. mom

    i thought your blog tour was a brilliant idea, it was fun, fascinating, interesting, and informative. so glad you did this, and thanks to everyone who participated. it was cool learning about them, too.

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