THEORETICAL THURSDAY is now on my blog!


That’s right! I’ve had a lot of people express that they enjoy my Theoretical Thursday questions, so I’ve moved it to my blog! What does this mean for you? Probably nothing. LOL! I just wanted to include others who may not have access to FB and also reach out to anyone following me on Twitter @cyelkoth.

My TT for this week is based on the fact that I will be part of a giveaway on Jessica Therrien’s blog for my upcoming novel, ILLUSION. You read that right! You could win an ARC copy (Advanced Reader Copy) of my book! Details will come soon (the contest starts the 16th of June). Other authors will be giving away books too, over 20 writers!

So without further delay, here is the question for this week:

Would you rather be able to a) choose 5 books to get for free OR b) choose 5 pieces of art for free? DISCLAIMER: You CANNOT make any profit (i.e. selling tickets to) or resell any of these items or give them/ pass them along to anyone else. They will remain only in your private collection and would return to their original owners upon your passing in the VEEEEERY distant future. 🙂


  1. mom

    i want books! and this thing messed up, put me down as anonymous before. but, it’s only me. and, yeah, books! and i chose on fb the first time, but i don’t mind choosing again. ok, books!

  2. That is NO CONTEST; The Books!!! I appreciate art, at a certain level, but it’s the written word that has always held the greatest fascination for me. I’m still a dinosaur and insist on physical books even for my school texts; much more expensive, but so much more satisfying. … that new book smell …

  3. Brian Robinson

    I think I would choose the books, they can be reread multiple times. The artwork could be beautiful and I could stare at it forever, especially if I get to choose the art. But the books would do more to keep my imagination working.

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