Last week’s Theoretical Thursday was definitely a thinker. I got some amazing responses, debates, and thought-provoking answers. It was great!

This week I thought I’d make things a little more materialistic. There is stuff… everywhere. We throw out old things all the time. We acquire new things to replace them. And so on…

So my TT is this:

Would you rather a) be able to transform any inanimate object into something that is the same, only different aesthetically (for example, a broken couch could be mended and upholstered, but couldn’t become a table) or b) be able to transform any inanimate object into some other inanimate object that someone else chooses (like a genie, except without the itty-bitty living space 🙂 )? Keep in mind, option (a) only applies to what you can physically see and option (b) means you will have to reveal your ability.

I’m interested to see what you choose!!




  1. mom

    no question – a) i’d like my car as is (no gps, no computer chip, no extra technology) except that it can be driven long distances without breaking down. i miss road trips!

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