“I forgot my phone!”

“It’s your birthday?”

“I don’t remember when we went to Las Vegas…”

“Who is she?”

“Who are you?”

“Who am I…?”


Loss of memory. It can be as simple as forgetting an appointment to as severe as forgetting yourself.

The brain is a wondrous place, but still new to us in a lot of ways. And in a society where decision-making determines our future, sense of self helps to steer us along the way.

What happens when that is taken away?

Daith Tocc must struggle with this very question. How can she choose the path to her future when she can’t remember her past? And does it matter?

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In the meantime, think about how you would feel if your life was suddenly blank. What would your bedroom/pictures/job tell you about your life? Would it match with who you feel you are in your core? Or is it time to make some changes?


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