ILLUSION launch 4 weeks from today!! I hope you come!!

Here we go everyone!! The countdown to the release of Eomix Galaxy Books: ILLUSION leaves us at 4 WEEKS FROM TODAY!
So here is the announcement for the official launch. This will take place on Tuesday, September 15th, 2015, from 5pm-6pm at Moon Palace Books. I will be doing a reading from ILLUSION starting at 5:15pm. There will also be free snacks and a giveaway!
I really hope you can make it. Bring your friends! Bring your family! Bring anyone who might want to pick up a science fantasy book! If you can’t make it, tell your friends to stop in! I’ll also be sending out a FB invite.
Thanks everyone for making this happen.  Thanks to Buzz & Roar Publishing for your faith in me. And special thanks to Moon Palace Books for hosting!


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